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Are you planning a Christmas party, wine tasting, the launch of a new product onto the market, promo event, press conference, children's day, teambuilding, working breakfast, road show, kick-off meeting or themed event? Blue & Green can organise these and many other types of company events for you.

Company events are generally run for a set group of people, such as customers, company employees, company suppliers or they may be held as a public event, such as a festival or film premiere. Company events are the best places for strengthening or widening your contacts and are normally very positively received.

Here at Blue & Green, we're here for you: we'll save you time, money and worry. We'll arrange a complete company event for you: we'll recommend a suitable location, propose a plan and programme including technical support and catering, decorations, security arrangements, printing of invitations and other printed materials, a photographer at the event, a selection of gifts for guests and much more.

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